Planning for Our Region's Future

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STP Urban Program

The South Central Region currently receives approximately $6.4 million federal dollars annually for projects in this urban area. The New Haven urban area consists of most of SCRCOG's member municipalities, as well as Cheshire and portions of the Lower Connecticut River Valley Planning Region (primarily in the Old Saybrook area). It does not include Milford, which is funded through the Greater Bridgeport urban area. Projects, which are submitted by municipalities for inclusion in the STP Urban program, are prioritized periodically by the SCRCOG's Transportation Committee and Transportation Technical Committee. The rankings take into account the availability of funds, the recent history of projects within the various municipalities, and the overall cost of the project. The STP Urban program requires that projects be on highways that are ranked as urban collector or higher under the Connecticut Department of Transportation's (CDOT) Functional Classification.

Projects must be scoped by the Project Development Unit at CDOT to review costs and scope, as well as eligibility under federal regulations, before the funding can be obligated (programmed). Once scoped, CDOT commences the programming of the funding and SCRCOG's concurrence is required.


Copies of SCRCOG's latest STP Urban applications can be downloaded here.